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Social Media

& Mental Health


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Term: Fall 2019
Class: COM 320
Role: Writer


Term: Fall 2019
Class: COM 330
Role: Director, Producer, & Editor


PLO #1:​
Design communication and media projects to make meaningful contributions to diverse social, professional or academic communities, communicating effectively orally, in writing, and through digital media
PLO #2:
Reflect critically on communication products such as media productions, research and policy reports and everyday texts. 
PLO #7:
Critically evaluate the use of technology in communication.
In these two projects, I did a critical analysis on the connection between social media and mental health. I even dared to challenge the idea that social media could be an "online therapist" for some people who use the technology as a way to find empowerment. In both written and digital form, I bring up Dana M. Boyd's affordances, as well as, the effects of social media on mental health.  
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