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About the Collection

This collection is inspired by you all,

ultimately it’s inspired by our creator.

This has been and continues to be a

season of refinement and revival;

a creative & spiritual revival.


Recognizing we’re made for heaven,

creating holy habits, cultivating virtues,

answering God’s call, seeking His kingdom,

and glorifying God through our lives.

All these lessons I’ve had to re-learn this season.

They were battles turned into blessings.


My hope is that these products

encourage you to deepen your faith,

bring you revival in areas where you

are praying for breakthrough,

inspire you to tap into your creativity,

and ultimately, propel you to glorify

God's name through your life.


Conceptualized with the holy spirit,

I present to you this gift.


Let this be the start

of your revival.


Much love,


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