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Dear San Francisco,

to the one who stole my heart

left me in awe of creation

and curious about the world

beyond the bridges end.

I remember when I first met you

I was afraid of the unknown

yet there was something about you

that drew me closer,

that made me desire

to explore that vast unknown.

i didn't expect it;

probably because I wasn't

expecting much at all.

you became this;

a home for my soul

a space of acceptance

a spark of inspiration

a call for revitalization

in you,

I have seen myself grow

farther than I believed myself to go

in you,

i've found comfort in discomfort

strength in the breaking

you taught me how to breathe

how to enjoy each moment I get

with those around me who care

even if they're just people i've met

though your heart can be cold

in the nights when the fog rolls

there is always the warmth of the sun

you bring to my soul

i must leave you now,

but thank you for showing me love,

giving me space to grow

and letting me go

so i can be



I may


Love always,


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