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"She" - late night thoughts

Written on 03.05.19

She looks in the mirror, bitter at what she sees.

Flaws and imperfections; it's a part of being

human in this world, and she knows she's not called to be

a replication of the girls who have a thousand something

"likes" on their photos, or the girls who spill the tea.

She's called to be beautiful and beautiful is already she.

A t the latest hour, in here rawest form is when you'll see

a girl with no make-up on, just living carefree.

Hidden from a world who tries to make oneself believe,

that there is one specific type of beauty to be achieved.


there are moments,

moments she finds herself lonely,

fingers scroll effortlessly through her instagram feed,

almost as if they were hungry for validity.


it came back

all those mornings, struggling to find the "right" clothes to wear

all those nights, practicing how to do her hair

all those memories, trying to conform to the world's ideals

it all came flooding back.

And she knows very well of what needs to be done next

yet bitter feelings linger at the back of her head.





God says

you are beautiful, my dear

you are my masterpiece

you capture the mind's eye and the soul's heart


She remembers who she is and what she sees

definitely not a reflection of society

though sometimes the doubts creep and feen

she remembers that her God doesn't make terrible things

she is the beautiful sound of waves crashing against the shore

she is the sunset that paints the sky burnt orange-yellow

she is the wind that moves all the surfaces of the earth

she is a reflection of Christ in real life.


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