Resurrection of the Lord

Internship Work




Term: Fall 2020
Class: COM 495
Role: Digital Comms Coordinator



PLO #1:​
Design communication and media projects to make meaningful contributions to diverse social, professional or academic communities, communicating effectively orally, in writing, and through digital media
PLO #3:
Demonstrate preparedness for academic and professional careers in communication.
For my internship with Resurrection of the Lord, I made infographics on a weekly basis that communicated upcoming parish events, as well as, updated protocols that follow CDC guidelines. My task was to present them in a way for the parishioners to understand what changes were being made. I started helping out the church in March 2020 but I didn't increase my workload until August 2020 when I began my internship with them. I had to help the church navigate online by creating an online community via Facebook. We were able to develop the mass live-stream into a better production and gather a team of young adults/adults to help manage it. As the Communications Coordinator, I also collaborated with the Children's ministry to create weekly academic videos for students since they were unable to meet in person for majority of 2020. This involved film production, post-production editing, and even making the logo. For more details on my experience as an intern with ROL, click here