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Artifact #1

High WaterLine Walk PSA Video

COM 337 | SPRING 2020

Inspired by the High WaterLine Art Project, this video is to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change in a creative and empowering way. This video intertwines poetry, music, and motion picture to convey the message of climate change.


Artifact #2

Google's Loretta

Media Analysis

COM 337 | SPRING 2020

Media production analysis of the Super Bowl 2020 Commercial "Loretta" produced by Google.


Artifact #3


of the Lord


COM 495 | FALL 2020

Videos and content created for Resurrection of the Lord Catholic Church in order to communicate new protocols that follow the CDC guidelines and encourages community engagement.

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Artifact #4

COVID-19 Documentary:

Leading with


COM 425 | FALL 2020

4 stories. 1 pandemic. Thousands of lives lost. More to be added if protocols aren’t followed. Moving forward with empathy is essential.

This mini-documentary aims to shed light on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Hawai'i residents who identify as essential workers. They share their concerns about mask wearing and give insight on how we can all move forward with empathy.

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Artifact #5

Study on

Social Media & Mental Health

COM 320 & COM 330

FALL 2019

Critical evaluation of the connection between technology, specifically social media, and mental health. Written essay done for COM 330 and Multimedia Video done for COM 320.


Artifact #6

PR Strategies

Digital Magazine

COM 421 | FALL 2020

Digital Magazine aims demonstrate understanding of Public Relation Strategies in a creative art form. In this magazine, we discuss the difference between strategies and tactics, why PR professionals deserve a spot in the C-Suite, crisis communications in action, and much more! 

Artifact #7

Final Capstone Project: Home Cafe Prototype



Currently in progress. This is a collaborative effort with Jordyn Poyo and Annie Moore with individual roles. My dream is to one-day establish my own coffee shop. This business prototype builds off of that dream. My Role as the Art Director is to create the wireframe, website prototype, and oversee the brand aesthetic and consistency.

Personal Statement


Who is Megan Ramones, what was her experience like in UH Manoa's School of Communications, and what are her plans post-grad?

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