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Letter to My Future Self

Dear Megan,

I hope you’re in a better place emotionally when you’re reading this. I hope that you haven’t forgotten how far you’ve come since that day you came back from San Francisco. You weren’t held back, you were right on time. I hope you’ve found peace with the fact that no matter what age you are, you will always have to battle self-doubt. The key to getting rid of it, is to choose faith in the present moment. You’ve come so far already and yet, you still have so much left to go. I hope that when you’re reading this, you found a love that deserves you; a love that continues to show up even if it’s not perfect. I hope that your relationship with God is even better than when you were writing this letter. I hope you remember the beauty in God’s design, the truth in His words, and the hope that He brings. I hope you continue to try and learn something new every day instead of being complacent. You are a river, you flow, you don’t stay in one spot. I hope you find the courage to pursue the career that you’ve always wanted; the career that you said you would go after if you knew that you wouldn’t fail. Ironically, I hope you fail; then get back up. I hope you’re smiling more and less on your phone. I hope you’re staying active and healthy because you know health is wealth. Make sure you're drinking water as much as you drink coffee. I hope your nurturing your relationship with your family and friends. I hope you're nurturing yourself.

I have so much hope for you. I have so much hope because God is in you through the Holy Spirit. Megan, you have so much to offer to the world and the last thing I ever want to see you do is give up on everything because you feel like you’re insignificant and your work doesn’t matter. You will move hearts, you will change minds, you will shake the world in the most profound way possible. You will help the world to know who God is just by the way you carry yourself. Carry yourself with grace. Actually don’t carry yourself, let God carry you and allow His grace to sustain you. Stop trying to hold everything in or choosing where and when to be vulnerable. Let the people you love, know you love them, even if you’re rejected, love them anyways. Even if that means from a distance.

God is and always will be taking care of you. No matter where you end up in life; I hope you continue to stay close to God. If you find yourself far away from Him, know that all you have to do is seek His face with your whole heart and He'll meet you where you are. If you forgot how much you're worth, look up at the cross. Remember that God gave us His only son to save the world from the sins that were committed so that you and everyone else can live with the gift of free-will. Don't hold that truth with guilt, but rejoice and continue to give glory to God for giving you another chance to live. Another breath to breathe.

There's so much I can say but I'll leave it at this: Take care of yourself and keep living out your purpose.




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