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PR Strategies Digital Magazine Project

Term: Fall 2020
Class: COM 421
Role: Writer & Designer


PLO #1:​
Design communication and media projects to make meaningful contributions to diverse social, professional or academic communities, communicating effectively orally, in writing, and through digital media
PLO #2:
Reflect critically on communication products such as media productions, research and policy reports and everyday texts.
PLO #3:
Demonstrate preparedness for academic and professional careers in communication.
PLO #4:
Demonstrate global awareness, including an awareness of cultures in the Hawaii-Pacific region and issues related to cross-cultural communication.
PLO #5:
Engage in collaborative problem solving, both face-to-face and in online environments.
PLO #6:
Analyze the ethical dimensions of communication.
PLO #7:
Critically evaluate the use of technology in communication.
This project was designed to address all the PLO's. In this digital magazine, I dive into the ethics of Public Relations, more specifically I discuss the controversy surrounding "spinning" articles for a specific agenda and why it's important for PR professionals to follow the path of transparency. I also focus on the cost and benefits of social media, the importance of internal communications, the purpose of crisis communications along with my own personal experience, the reason why PR pros should have a spot in the C-suite, the most important key words in PR pulled out from our textbook: Introduction to Strategic Public Relations by Janis Teruggi Page, Lawrence J Parnell, and last but not least, the need for PR Professionals to keep up with current events in order to be successful.
Furthermore, for one of the articles in this magazine I did an interview via Zoom with an old mentor that I met back when I attend the University of San Francisco. Despite the time zone difference (she lives in Los Angeles) we were able to connect and collaborate for this project. I was able to learn a lot from her interview and she actually offered to network me with other professionals in her field whenever I want to get connected.
Overall, this digital magazine is meant to help students who are just getting into Public Relations gain a better understanding of what the field entails and demands. 
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